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In The Studio

  I'm a Grand Rapids, Michigan - Kendall College of Art and Design Alumni. I relocated to Florida right out of college. I've worked hard to develop my graphic design skills in the field of advertising and marketing. My corporate career was a blessing that led me to become an entrepreneur.
  Being a lifelong designer, I am acutely aware that design is everywhere. Our world has become a manufactured template. I never take the ART of design for granted.
  Creativity makes my heart race with excitement and fuels my soul. Its personal, courageous, vulnerable, emotional, and spiritual. My technique is a combination of texture, color, shapes, and space. I thrive when I'm in my creative zone. Then it's time to step back and share the results with all of you.
  I'm grateful for your art appreciation, referrals, and kind words. Everything I make is one of a kind. Sometimes it's hard to let go. I believe art is here to share with the world. It's all around us!

-- Peace and Love, Jill

Designer JC_edited.jpg

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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